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    The tour guides of “An Entertaining Journey with the Six Sense” have designed the route hoping to inspire participants’ use of the six senses tp experience the community, and to imagine its past, in search for North Point’s disappearing paradise.

    We hope to unearth and analyze through entertainment, shifts in North Point, and even Hong Kong’s cultural outlook of different eras, in advocation for cultural conservation. Many of the famous theatres of North Point had shops that were almost community space-like for the residents. These places and people had witnessed the boom of Hong Kong’s entertainment and movie industries, recording each generations’ social phenomenon. We wish to discover culture, historic sites, essence, and values of old Hong Kong on the paths in the tour.

    As the guided tours are comprised of comprehensive details, interactive elements, and presentation skill – the website can only provide abstract of the tours, hardly able to capture it in full. If you are interested in joining our complete and themed tours, please stay tuned on our social media platforms!

    An Entertaining Journey with the Six sense

    An Entertaining Journey with the Six sense

    Many amusement parks and theatres were built in the post-war Hong Kong to satisfy the need for entertainment. The previous site of Luna Park in Yuet Yuen Street, is already filled with high rises. (credits to participants)

    Ming Yuen Amusement Park was one of the “four parks, one building” playgrounds of the 1920 era. Even though the Ming Yuen was closed in 1931, Ming Yuen Western Street has been named after this landmark. (credits to participants)

    The State Theatre was a venue of culture and opera, it was also a cultural institute that imported Western films in Hong Kong. The Theatre is a significant landmark that witnessed the boom and glory of North Point’s entertainment and film industry. (credits to participants)