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    While you are ambling down the street, you may find different architectural structures and clues of Hong Kong history within the district; if you dig deeper into their stories with your imagination, the profile of the old district will come to live. For instance, there are countless mispairing of wordings in street name translations that lead to interesting outcome. At the same time, by comparing the glyphs on the street signs, you can observe the evolution of Hong Kong font designs, and witness their subtle transformation of this era.

    There are hidden  and unique community treasures in North Point and other local districts, training docents in “Community Wanderer” would like to take this opportunity to share their route designs of “Leisurely Moments in North Point” and discover the rarely know cultural life and the ecology of community with you, hoping to inspire everyone to explore the local community and gain an in-depth understanding of the people and things in the community.

    Leisurely Moments in North Point

    Leisurely Moments in North Point

    The city garden was formerly a power plant and oil depot. At that time, the power station in Wan Chai could not catch up with the rapidly developing city. It began operation in 1919 and was officially closed in 1978. In the old days, the surrounding environment of Electric Road was the British Army dormitory. Nowadays, it has transformed into the Electric Road Market which is frequently used by the neighborhood.
    During the tour, our docents reflected that the power plant not only consumes a great amount of water resources, but also has a negative impact on the air quality. Perhaps everyone should reimagine and reflect on the current city and living space based on the proposition of a safe and comfortable living environment. (credits to participants)

    Today's Sunbeam Theatre still retains its traditional decoration, reflecting the sense of the times in the 60s and 70s. The Theatre was founded by a troupe of Shanghai immigrants and its programmes cover Cantonese opera, exhibitions, movies and etc.
    The Sunbeam Theatre symbolizes the unique Cantonese opera culture, but the cultural heritages nowadays have encountered various challenges. It is not easy for the new generation of Cantonese opera fans to participate in the development of the industry. Therefore, there are difficulties to tackle in how to retain the cultural significance behind the Theatre. (credits to participants)