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    There are malls that we pass by each day, never really patronized by many, but surround our everyday lives- we call them “dead malls”. In contrast to the carbon-copied large scale malls, there are often specialty stores, or communal stores that establish close relationship with its patrons in the nooks and crannys of the dead malls. It is exactly this environment that provides an opportunity of affordable rent for these small, local stores’ survival.


    The tour invites participants to explore how the dead malls manage to adapt and remain relavant in the ever-changing landscape; also, to reflect their true values. We also call for participants to support local stores in these dead malls- they characterize and help maintain community relationships in the face of hypercommercial driven society outlooks.

    As the guided tours are comprised of comprehensive details, interactive elements, and presentation skill – the website can only provide abstract of the tours, hardly able to capture it in full. If you are interested in joining our complete and themed tours, please stay tuned on our social media platforms!

    Over Their Dead Bodies- The Tale of Dead Malls

    Over Their Dead Bodies- The Tale of Dead Malls

    Malls in Fortress Hill are characterized by its position in a building. They are often on ground floor with small, local shops, with apartments on top of the malls. Since 1978, King’s Centre has been home to many well known stores of the community. It would’ve been hard for the stores to survive if not for the close communal relationship with the landlord. (credits to participants)

    New Trend Plaza was a hotspot for youth-culture stores. Frequent customers and gaifong would often be very familiarized with dead malls, but to outsiders, it is impossible for them to discover this lively side of the mall.

    “Sang Faa Sau See” was a local movie filmed mostly at New Trend Plaza. Some netizen observed that: “the New Trend Plaza offers an adventurous labyrinth-like feeling. However, to those who frequent the mall, it is as if they have returned home”, capturing a feeling specific to dead malls. (credits to participants)