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    Session 2: Mexican Mint (21 March)

    Following the personal creation, the instructor Angel and the team members jointly discussed the management rules and expectations for the shoreside community garden, such as how to make good use of the space and how to put them into practice? What principles do participants need to follow? After brainstorming, the team members successively set rules and expectations for the garden, and gradually established the foundation for joint operation.

    Instructor Agnes brought everyone the beloved Mexican Mint in class, pervading the dock with the scent of fragrance. In order to allow these “new members” to absorb more sunlight and grow healthier, the team members were divided into four groups and worked together to make wooden pot stands under the guidance of their instructors Angel and Cheuk Kiu. For most of the members of the Shoreside Planting Crew, despite that it was the first time they had experienced carpentry, they were all very involved in the process regardless of age and physique. With impressive creativity and teamwork to make the pot stands, from then on, six sets of wooden stands were born, holding upright the members’ plants in the dock.