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    Session 4: Yuzu Mint (15 May)

    The first round of the Shoreside Planting Crew workshop has come to an end, instructor Agnes brought grapefruit mint as a phased graduation gift to members, so that they could maintain a healthy body during the epidemic.

    Instructor Angel invited her mother, who runs a Chinese herbal medicine store to join us in the workshop and to prepare a large pot of herbal tea for everyone with her rich traditional pharmacological experience. The small-scaled tea party started with amazement. The members not only tasted locally grown organic farming, but also brought a variety of refreshments and homemade drinks to share. In the tea party, we exchanged each other’s past planting experience, and also reviewed the four-month learning experience as well as the thoughts of jointly operating a community garden. Lastly, the members and the instructor made and shared herbal recipes that were closely related to them. The first round of workshops came to an end that was filled with relaxing sharing and laughter.

    *The Via North Point team would like to thank our instructors, Growsomething and Angel, for their attentive leadership, as well as the members of the Shoreside Planting Crew who took care of the plants and actively participated in the creative process, so that we can practice the participatory art of “Shoreside Community Garden”.