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    Shoreside Planting Crew


    Come and explore the interlinks between community, space, and gardening as part of our planting crew!

    The first 4-month edition of “Shoreside Planting Crew” has come to an end, and we are returning stronger and better to push further the potentials of community gardening! Gardening expert Grow Something, the founder of “Storychick’ Pang Cheuk Ying (Angel), social designer Jeffery Kwong x architecture research collaborative Dilemma Studio have joined forces in a series of planting and community art workshops. They will be leading the “Shoreside Planting Crew” of Kaifong and gardening lovers to tend to our community garden at the North Point Pier, and reimagine sustainability through urban farming.

    [2nd Round of Crew] The upcoming workshops will span over three months. Instructor Grow Something will introduce crew members to planting concepts and herb propagation. Angel, Jeffery and Dilemma Studio will guide participants to use plants as an introduction, from creating individual hand-squeezed vases to collective artistic creation, allowing everyone to re-observe community life and explore the surprising neighborhood ecology.

    Everyone can grow something and explore the possibility of space and community, even in the middle of this bustling and densely packed city!