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    Guided Tour

    Leading by a group of Guide Trainees, the tour of “Turn Back The Clock In North Point” brings us through a perceptual exploration mapping the kaifong’s everyday lives. Along collaboration closely with them, we recognise the old kaifongs’ enduring attachment to the neighbourhood, particularly revealed by their habitual re-visits to places like the Java Road Market and the Chun Yeung Street Market even after the the demolition of the North Point Estate. All these places are embedded not only with histories but also a locality complex from the elder residents to the North Point community. 

    Of all invaluable gains, the on-site guided tours provides most notably a human library experience, offering an utmost authentic portrayal of the places from the perspective of the kaifong; a thriving community-scape is therefore vividly envisaged with their own lively rhythms. For instance, the chit-chats among people from all walks of life at the cozy North Point Pier best manifests a state of “co-living” within the community. Through a deep exploration of these places narrated with stories, the Guide Trainees wish to keep pace with the ever-changing development of this city so as to co-create a more down-to-earth community.

    Turn Back The Clock In North Point

    Turn Back The Clock In North Point

    Oi!, the Oil Street Art Space was originally the clubhouse of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. Based on a similar pronunciation in Cantonese, its Chinese name “Oil Street Actualisation” (as in literal translation) is derived from its address “12 Oil Street”.
    Apart from providing a platform for art exhibitions, the Oi! also serves the neighbourhood with co-hosting other projects like the community canteen. With an objective to blending art into daily lives, Oi! as a shared space aims to facilitate a state of symbiosis between art and life. (credits to participants)

    Locating under the Tong Shui Road footbridge, the Tramway Canteen provides services mainly for the Tramways' staff while at the same time also keeps up close liaison with the neighbourhood.

    For more than 10 years, the canteen owner wins customers’ hearts by serving mouthwatering dishes in home-cooking style. The owner there, being genuinely warm-hearted, has also been acquainting herself closely with the kaifongs. Therefore, the canteen serves not merely as to provide meals but also remains as one of the noteworthy yet secluded attractions in the community. (credits to participants)