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    About Via North Point: Urban Design Lab

    “Space” is invaluable in densely populated cities like Hong Kong; the issue is a major concern. Urban Design Lab is an initiative collaborated by Hong Kong Arts Centre and Project Hap Sap. The project aims to imagine the possibilities of daily space with local residents by studying the social fabric and daily patterns in the community.

    “The city as a museum, the city as a positive concert of culture and educational purpose, the city as a benevolent source of random but carefully selected information…” — Collage City by Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter (1978)

    A city is a place where people converge and interact. Whether it is an ingenious functional urban design or an establishment resulted from people’s daily activities, a “city” itself is an exemplification of the process of human settlement and their collective will. Through a series of workshops about creative thinking and urban space, Urban Design Lab will gather urban design students, professionals, and kaifong (local residents) to wander around the hidden corners in the city, revealing neighbourhood identities, (re)discovering urban living spaces, and exploring the possibilities of living. The research outcomes will become placemaking concepts and principles for a call for schematic design models that put the ideas to test. The works of Urban Design Lab will be showcased in Via North Point Website to stimulate public discussions and sharing in the hope to realise the vision of “city as a community living room”.

    The first round of workshops launched successfully in mid-June, 2020! Comprising youth, seniors, and kaifong, the workshop participants began their research in the studio before hitting the streets in North Point. They gained in-depth understanding of the views of community stakeholders on the use of urban space, bridging the gap between imagination and reality.