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    Hong Kong Arts Centre

    Hong Kong Arts Centre - Art for Passion, Art for Life, Art for All


    Since 1977, the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) has been a platform for nurturing and supporting artists, and infusing art into everyday life. Its unique arts and educational programmes aim to make the arts accessible for all.

    The HKAC believes in the transformational power of art for people from all walks of life. Established for more than four decades, the HKAC endeavours to bring arts to the people of Hong Kong – by presenting programmes for visual arts, performing arts, moving images and media arts, comics and animation. Our other areas also cover arts education, conferences, festivals, public art and community projects. All with the vision and mission of engaging and inspiring creativity in the Hong Kong community.

    In 2000, HKAC founded its education arm, Hong Kong Art School (HKAS). The HKAS provides award-bearing programmes to nurture artists and art practitioners, as well as short enrichment courses for the general public.

    The HKAC aspires to engage everyone in the community to become an active participant in the arts - as an enthusiast, an artist or a patron.

    In 2023, the HKAC will celebrate its 45th anniversary. Let’s continue to embrace ‘Art for Passion, Art for Life, Art for All’, and share the inspiration.

    Urban Renewal Fund

    As part of the Urban Renewal Strategy promulgated in February 2011, one of the main objects of the Urban Renewal Trust Fund is to support heritage preservation and district revitalization initiatives in the urban renewal context. As the trustee of the Trust Fund, the Urban Renewal Fund (URF) operates the Urban Renewal Heritage Preservation and District Revitalization Funding Scheme to provide financial support to urban renewal preservation and revitalization projects proposed by the community.

    Via North Point

    North Point is a fascinating location full of collective memories yet also undergoing rapid urban and socio-economic transformation, populated with diverse neighborhoods. The Project carries a key mission in empowering the community to envision a better future use of public space, and enhance the quality of living for North Point Residents. Together with the concerted efforts with the collaborators, Hong Kong Arts Centre design and engage the community with a series of participatory programmers and creative artistic structures to connect the new and the old areas in the district, building capacity on public space, celebrating the uniqueness of North Point and hence cultivating a sense of belonging and building the cultural citizenship through imaginations of urban spaces.

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    • Au Yeung Cheong
    • Cheng Hoi Yan, Meko
    Participating Artists
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    • Anthony Ko @Delimma Studio
    • Benjamin Hao
    • Caphis Chan
    • Carman Or
    • Dylan Kwok
    • Jacklam Ho
    • Jaffa Lam
    • Kevin Cheung
    • Kwong Ka Lok
    • Kinchoi Lam
    • Onion Peterman
    • Pearl Law
    • Roy Ng
    • Sim Chan
    • Stanley Siu
    Public Art Team
    • Ian Leung
    • Elsie Fung
    • Alice Size
    • Virginia Liu
    • Liv Tsim
    (In alphabetical order)
    • Bea Cheang
    • Berry Yeung
    • Bibiana Lam
    • Candy Chin
    • Chan Ming Chu
    • Chan Pui Yan Amy
    • Chan Sing Chi, Vincent
    • Chan Sze Man
    • Chan Yuen Yee
    • Chang Wan, Fiona
    • Cheung Lai Ho
    • Cheung Pak Tung
    • Cindy Yung
    • Cirrus Wong
    • Emily Mang
    • Hana Choi
    • Heung Pui Har
    • Hon Chun Kit
    • K Y Chan
    • Lam Tsz Ching
    • Lao Un Teng
    • Lo Yat Fai
    • Ma See Ham
    • Ma Sin Tung
    • Ma Ya Yuan
    • Mok Wing Kiu Odile
    • N K Cheung
    • Queenie Hung
    • Rachael Chan
    • Rachel Chan Mei Han
    • Rachel Sham
    • Ryan Lai
    • Sandy Yan
    • Scarlett Leung
    • So Lok Man
    • Su Wang Fung
    • Tang Chun Yin, Terence
    • Tse Man Sum
    • Vincent Chan
    • Winnie Lok
    • Wong Hoi Ying, Iczza
    • Wong Tuen Yin Maisie
    • Yau Wai Ming,Timothy
    • Yeung Wan Ming
    • Yoyo Chan
    Participating Stores
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    • Ancient Moon
    • Bloom Smart Food
    • Cafe Gen
    • Chan Ho Kee Seafood
    • Cheung's Fish Stall
    • Chuen Fat Quality Chilled Poultry Shop
    • Chuen Kee Dim Sum
    • Chung Kee Congee
    • Dim Siu Yi
    • Double Happiness Noodle And Food Ltd.
    • Fei Tat Newspapers
    • Food Depot
    • Fook Yuen
    • Gold Sally
    • Hang Sang Medicine
    • Ho Ping Kee Seafood
    • Ho Sheung Ho
    • Hong Kong Bo Chuen Um
    • King's Slippers
    • Koon He Seafood
    • Lee Kee Seafood
    • Loi Kee Seafood
    • Luk Kee
    • Lung Wah Vegetables
    • Ma Kee
    • Mrs. Sheh Handbags
    • Mui Fa Chuen Restaurant
    • Mui Kee Seafood
    • Pak Lee Houseware & Gift Store
    • Sailing Boat
    • Sam Kee Book Store
    • San Hing Noodles
    • Tai Hing Cake Shop
    • Tak Hing Loong Bean Curd Shop
    • Tin Yin Coconut Co.
    • Villa Villa
    • WIng's Vegetables
    • Yat San Shop
    • Yee Hing Houseware
    • Yee Man Hin
    • Yik Sau Tong Herbal Tea
    • Zhenzhen Delicacies
    Thanks To
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    • Andrew Mead
    • Ada Kwok
    • Albert Chai
    • Alfred Ho
    • Anderson Yuen
    • Angel Pang Cheuk-Ying
    • Annette Au
    • Bobo Choy Po Yin
    • Cally Yu
    • Caroline Chan
    • Carrie Yeung
    • Cathy Leung
    • Chan Po King
    • Chang Hsien-Wen
    • Cheung Wai Lok
    • Chris Yuen
    • Chui Chi Kin
    • Dino Wong
    • Double Happiness Noodle And Food Ltd.
    • Dr. Jason Ho
    • Dr. Mo Kar Him
    • Dr. Vivian Ting
    • Eric Ho
    • Eric Li
    • Fanny Ang
    • Gigi Leung
    • Helen Fan
    • Hung Ching-yan Fion
    • James Pui
    • Janet Lee
    • Jason Chan
    • Justin Yu
    • Karrine Fu
    • Kwok Wai Keung JP
    • Lee Wai Leung
    • Lee Yu Shun
    • LI Lee
    • LI Siu-yung MH
    • LO Ping Wah, Sky
    • May Chow
    • Mrs. Leung
    • Paddy Ng
    • Peony Ho
    • Peter Yuen
    • Pong Yat Ming
    • Prof Raymond Fung, JP
    • Prof. Joel Sanders, FAIA
    • Prof. Kurt Chan
    • Prof. Leung Mee Ping
    • Ray Lee
    • Ricky Yu
    • Rina Ko
    • Sampson WONG
    • Sarah Mui
    • Silvia Kan
    • Siu Heng
    • Steven Wong
    • Tony Ip
    • Tse Yau Tat
    • Vangi Fong
    • Vicky Chan
    • Victor Wong
    • Vincent Ng
    • Wallace Chang
    • Wendy Ng
    • Wu Hoi Fai
    • Wyan Yeung
    (In alphabetical order)
    • Chan Tin Wai
    • Choi Ho Ming Bryan
    • Chow Lok Yau, Prudence
    • Fong Tsz Wai
    • Hui Nga Wun
    • Li Kin Wang
    • Mok Mei Yu
    • Ng Ka Yin
    • Nicholas Wong
    • Tjia Man Yan
    • Zhao QingXuan
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