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    《Via Hidden Gems》EP1 Kaifong VS Chef

    《Via Hidden Gems》EP1 Kaifong VS Chef

    Chun Yeung Street is not only a destination for numerous fresh Shanghai and Fujian food ingredients, but it is also home to long-established businesses of various specialities.

    From stores for multiple uses to fully equipped under-stairs shops, every shop owner in the street makes the best use of every inch of their store through meticulous arrangements.

    From a chef’s perspective, May Chow, the founder of Little Bao, will lead us to Chun Yeung Street and probe into these ingenious shops while searching for food ingredients. She will then exert her imagination to prepare three innovative dishes with Shanghai and Fujian ingredients according to the taste of North Point’s kaifong. Through these exquisite dishes, May Chow aspires to give the kaifong a delicious feast.

     The three featured dishes are set to spice up your daily meals. Do you know of any original homemade dishes that sprinkle the humdrum days with an artistic touch as well?