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    《Via Hidden Gems》EP2 Reimagine North Point Pier

    《Via Hidden Gems》EP2 Reimagine North Point Pier


    Have you ever imagined that a pier can become a place not merely for taking a stroll or watching the sea? With imagination, everywhere can become an experimental creative space!

    Follow installation artist Roy Ng to the waterfront area around North Point Pier, exert your imagination and think out of the box to envisage the probabilities in altering the use of space. Inspired by the comments of the kaifong living around the pier, Roy transformed a log into three pieces of ingenious installation with his skillful hands before installing them at the North Point Pier.

    In just a day, the installations have drawn the attention of many kaifong, generating curiosity among the neighbourhood and attracting passers-by to stop by and interact with them. In an instant, the installations have transformed North Point Pier into a fascinating art space.

    Not only have these playful installations in various sizes broken everyone’s traditional impression on the use of space, but they have also transformed the mundane space into an extraordinary place. What kind of innovative features will you add to the space around you if you have a chance to make a difference?