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    It is hard to imagine, with bustling high rises plopped in every corner of North Point, that this area was once regarded as “little Shanghai”- home to dazzling entertainment venues such as The Ritz mall room, and Luna Park back in the 50s and 60s. A place of commerce with artistic elements deeply embedded in its history, North Point has accumulated lively stories of all sorts. Much like an elderly person, this land has experienced with developments many a change, awaiting to be discovered.


    The Via North Point team and Kaifong Tour co-organized guided tours design and training workshops, weaving together with the Community Wanderer guides a sense of North Point’s aesthetics with different themes, and established in-depth conversations about human and space. The Community Wanderer guides were eased into the basic concepts of community tour guiding, gradually worked towards ideation, and ultimately realized their unique visions of tours after six workshops. Our Community Wanderer guides will utilize techniques such as interactive games and sharing sessions in the tours to engage participants’ six senses to deeply resonate with North Point’s social landscapes.


    Four main themes of “City and Architecture”, “Art and Culture”, “Entertainment and Craft”, and “Community Treasures” were covered in two rounds of workshops, from which the guides designed eight one-of-a-kind tours. They went through meticulous processes of site-analysis and self-critiques in order to obtain everyday stories, and be best prepared for public tours. The Community Wanderers wish to inspire participants to not only immerse in local cultures, but to also reflect upon their own relationships with the community; to hold on dearly the unique cultural essence.


    We have here teasers of the tours for all to better understand its conception. However, the guided tours are comprised of comprehensive details, interactive elements, and presentation skill – the website can only provide abstract of the tours, hardly able to capture it in full. If you are interested in joining our complete and themed tours, please stay tuned on our social media platforms!