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    “His eyes were as black as coal;
    the fine smoke made his silence visible.
    A tire factory across the bay was aflame,
    plumes of black smoke billowing.
    Rolling black clouds worried the day.”

    Extracted from At the North Point Car Ferry (1974), by Yesi
    (Translated as in City at the End of Time:Poems by Leung Ping-kwan (2012), by Esther M. K. Cheung)


    Art culture has never been as distanced as one would imagine. The poetry of Yesi captured the transformation of North Point Pier, to becoming a popular spot not only for networking and leisure among kaifongs, but also with abundant artistic installations, projects and events incorporating into their everyday lives.

    Along witnessing the evolution of Hong Kong, places in North Point from the corner stores to the State Theatre has as well been keeping track of different social phenomena throughout the decades, uncovering in various perspectives of how the grassroots struggled desperately under the thriving development of Hong Kong.

    New Youth Tour in North Point

    New Youth Tour in North Point

    As established for decades in the district, the independent bookstore Sam Kee Book Co. organises different activities apart from just selling books, namely providing an unrestrained environment for supporting and accommodating independent creations of diversified books.
    Usually locating either at upstairs or basement for cutting rental expenses, the owners of these independent bookstores often have an eye for an insightful selection of inventory advancing with the times, so as to provide more book genres to enchant readers from other chain bookstores.
    The spectacle of cats lounging in the bookstore also brings about huge popularity to Sam Kee Book Co; but as gently reminded by the owner, please do not pet and disturb the cats! (credits to participants)

    The State Theatre was a genuine representation of integrated amusements. Being ahead of its time in a unique building structure while equipped with giant screens, the State Theatre, since its establishment in 1952 at the King’s Road, had been a landmark of entertainment and culture not only in North Point but also as in Hong Kong.

    Apart from film screening, the State Theatre was also a prestigious concert hall for prominent artists at both local and international levels to perform, including the Teresa Teng, the “Asia’s eternal queen of pop”. (credits to participants)